Vehicle-mounted communication terminal of taxi and data processing method thereof



The invention relates to a vehicle-mounted communication terminal of a taxi and a data processing method thereof. The vehicle-mounted communication terminal comprises a GPS (Global Positioning System) module, an audio decoding module, a wireless communication module, a CPU (Central Processing Unit) module and a power source module, wherein the power source module is used for supplying power to the other modules; the CPU module is externally connected with a horn in a vehicle by the audio decoding module and is externally connected with a taximeter, engine ignition state ACC (Acceleration) signals and three diffused-reflection type photoelectric sensors arranged in the taxi, wherein the diffused-reflection type photoelectric sensors are respectively arranged above a front-row copilot seat and both sides of a rear-row seat in the taxi; the CPU module is used for controlling the power source module to supply power to each diffused-reflection type photoelectric sensor and receiving outputsignals of each diffused-reflection type photoelectric sensor as well as detecting whether a passenger is in a corresponding position. On the basis of the traditional vehicle monitoring function, thevehicle communication terminal monitors a passenger carrying condition in the taxi and uploads a condition of no metering during passenger carrying to a monitoring center.




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