Production method of fatty livers



The invention discloses a production method of fatty livers, comprising the following steps: (1) preparing the following materials: primary materials: 15000g of fresh fatty livers of geese or ducks, secondary material: 4215g of yellow rice wine and ingredients: 18765ml of water and 1235g of salt and other materials; (2) after cleaning the fresh fatty livers and storing the fresh fatty livers in acold storage at 0-4 DEG C, sprinkling the wine on the fresh fatty livers to age the fresh fatty livers for 12h; (3) pouring the prepared ingredients into a vessel to be mixed uniformly and placing the aged fatty livers into the vessel to be cured at 0-4 DEG C for 12h; (4) adding 19215g of clear water to a heating kettle and cooking the fatty livers together with the curing liquid in the kettle and then cooling the cooked materials; (5) after cooling the processed fatty livers, cleaning and finishing the fatty livers and quickly freezing the fatty livers in a quick freezer at minus 30 DEG C until the center temperature of the fatty livers reaches minus 16 DEG C; and (6) vacuum packaging and storing the fatty livers. The fatty livers have the beneficial effects of ensuring cardio-cerebrovascular health and delaying aging, have added value more than doubling that of the frozen fresh fatty livers and have remarkable effects.




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