Image pickup device and method for switching modes of the same



An image pickup device and a method for switching modes of the same. The image pickup device is provided with an image pickup part for filming an object to generate an image, including a display part for displaying the image generated by the image pickup part; an electric view finder arranged close to the display part to display the image generated by the image pickup part; a touch panel overlappingly arranged on the surface of the display part to input indication corresponding to external touch; a touch position judgment part for judging the touch position on the touch panel; a control part,when the image pickup device is of an image pickup mode, the touch panel is divided into three regions along the length direction of the touch panel, one of the regions arranged on two ends is configured to be an indication input region for inputting an indication of an image pickup correlation mode correlated to the image pickup mode, and the image pickup correlation mode is switched according to the touch position in the indication input region; and a display control part for display icons corresponding to the image pickup correlation mode on the electric view finder, such that an operator may view the view finder and switch the image pickup correlation mode simultaneously.




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