Circuit device



The invention provides a circuit device for reducing the number of fabrication processes. A circuit portion 12 provides power supply voltage V10 to a node N0 through a first route 52 and power supply voltage V-5 to the node N0 through a second route 62. The circuit device includes a TFT 50 disposed on the first route 52 , a TFT 60 disposed on the first route 52 and coupled to the TFT 50 , a TFT 60 disposed on the second route 62 , a TFT 61 disposed on the second route 62 and coupled to the TFT 60 , a third route 54 providing power supply voltage V5 between V10 and V-5 to between the TFT 50 and 51, and a fourth route 64 providing power supply voltage V0 between V10 and V-5 to between the TFT 60 and 61.
本发明提供有助于削减制造程序数目的电路装置。电路部12透过第一路径52将电源电压V10供给节点N0,透过第二路径62将电源电压V-5供给节点N0,前述电路部12包括:配置于第一路径52上的TFT 50;配置于第一路径上且耦接TFT 50的TFT 51;配置于第二路径62上的TFT 60;配置于第二路径上且耦接TFT 60的TFT 61;用以将电源电压V10及V-5间的电源电压Y5提供给TFT 50及51两者间的第三路径;以及,用以将电源电压V10及V-5间的电源电压V0提供给TFT 60及61两者间的第四路径。




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